Laws of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland


1 The purpose of the Society shall be the study of the Antiquities and History of Scotland, more especially by means of Archaeological Research.

2 The Society shall consist of Fellows and Honorary Fellows.

3 Candidates for admission as Fellows must sign the Form of Application prescribed by the Council and must be sponsored by two Fellows. Admission shall be by ballot. In the case of candidates not able to obtain two sponsor Fellows, it shall be open to Council, after consideration of the circumstances and credentials of the candidate concerned, to waive the necessity for two sponsors from among the Fellowship.

4 Council shall cause the names of the Candidates and their Sponsors to be circulated to all Fellows at least ten days before the date of the meeting at which a ballot is to be held. Fellows may vote against any candidate by striking out the name from the list and returning the list to the Society before the meeting or placing the list in the Ballot Box before the meeting commences. Candidates receiving ten or more adverse votes will be balloted for individually at the meeting, and any candidate then receiving less than two-thirds of the votes shall not be admitted.

5 Honorary Fellows shall consist of persons eminent in any branch of antiquarian study, who must be recommended by the Council and elected in the same way as Fellows; they shall not be liable for any fee for admission or annual subscription. The number of Honorary Fellows shall not exceed twenty-five.

6 Corresponding Members must be recommended by the Council and elected in the same way as Fellows. They shall not be liable for a fee for admission or annual subscription. This Law is now repealed.

7 Before the name of a newly elected candidate is added to the list of Fellows, he or she shall pay to the funds of the Society an entrance fee and the current year's subscription as provided for by Law 8.

8 Rates of entrance fee and annual subscription shall be determined by the Council as required from time to time subject to the approval of the Society given at a General Meeting. The annual subscription shall become due on 1st July in each year for that year then beginning; and if any Fellow who has not compounded shall fail to pay the subscription for one year, due application having been made for payment, the Treasurer shall report the same to Council, by whose authority the name of the defaulter may be erased from the List of Fellows. Fellows whose membership has lapsed, and who wish to rejoin the Society, may do so either (1) by payment of all arrears of subscription - in which case they shall receive the relative volumes of the Proceedings, if still available - or (2) on payment of the subscription for the current year and of the entrance fee.

9 Every Fellow not being in arrears of the annual subscription shall be entitled to receive the printed Proceedings of the Society from the date of election.

10 None but Fellows shall vote or hold any office in the Society.

11 Subject to the Laws and to the control of the Society in General Meetings, the affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council elected and appointed as hereinafter set forth. Five members of the Council shall constitute a quorum, provided that number includes one Officebearer and one elected member of Council.

12 The Office-bearers shall consist of a President, three Vice Presidents, and a Treasurer. The Presidents and the Vice Presidents shall be elected for a period of three years. One of the Vice Presidents shall retire annually by rotation, and shall not be eligible for re-election to the same office until one year has elapsed. The Treasurer shall be elected for one year and shall be eligible for re-election. The elections shall be by ballot at the Annual General Meetings upon a list issued by the Council for that purpose to the Fellows at least fourteen days before the meeting.

13 The Council shall consist of the Office-bearers, twelve Fellows elected by the Society, the Chairman of the North East Section, the Conveners of the various Committees appointed by Council as provided for in Law 15, if not already elected members, and the Society representative of the National Museums Scotland who is already a Fellow of the Society (nominated by the Board of Trustees).

14 Four of the twelve elected members of Council shall retire annually by rotation, and shall not be eligible for re-election as ordinary members of Council until one year has elapsed. Vacancies among the elected members of Council and Office-bearers occurring by completion of term of office, by retirement on rotation, by resignation, death or otherwise, shall be filled by election at the Annual General Meeting, or, in the case of the Treasurer, at any earlier meeting of the Society as decided by the Council. The election shall be by ballot, as provided for by Law 12.

15 The Council may appoint committees or individual to advise on or to take charge of particular departments of the Society's business. Individuals who are not Fellows and Fellows who are not members of the Council shall be eligible for these duties.

16 The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall take place on St Andrew's Day, 30 November, or on the following day if the 30th be a Sunday. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be notified to Fellows at least fourteen days before the day of the meeting.

17 The Council shall have the power to call Extraordinary General Meetings when they see cause. At least fourteen days notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given to Fellows.

18 Meetings of the Society, termed Ordinary Meetings, shall be held on such dates and at such places as may be determined by the Council. A minimum of six meetings, in addition to the Annual General Meeting provided for in Law 16, shall be held in each year.

19 Every proposal for altering the Laws must be made through the Council, which shall cause intimation thereof to be made to all the Fellows at least thirty days before the General Meeting at which it is to be determined on.

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