The Panel 

The Palaeolithic and Mesolithic panel is chaired by Alan Saville and Caroline Wickham-Jones, with contributions from Steven Birch, Torben Bjarke Ballin, Clive Bonsall, Kevin Edwards, Nyree Finlay, Sinéad McCartan, Steven Mithen, Kristian Pedersen, Catriona Pickard, Alan Saville, Clive Waddington, Graeme Warren, and Caroline Wickham-Jones.


The Report

The Palaeolithic and Mesolithic panel report is available to view at or can be downloaded from


Research Themes

Themes include: Introduction to the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Periods, History and Current state of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Studies in Scotland, Environment, The Archaeological record, Methodologies, Lifestyles.



Research Links


Excavation as part of the Scotland's First Settlers project  


Recent excavation as part of Scotland's First Settlers project, which is now available as SAIR 31: 
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