The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland supports research and publication relating to the archaeology and history of Scotland.  The Council warmly welcomes applications for Research Grants and other Awards. 

Grants and awards are made on the recommendation of the Research Committee and the approval of the Society's Council.  Prizes are awarded through various means described below.  Grants for 2012 have been announced.

Our Grants

Research Grants

Available towards the costs of all aspects of archaeological and historical research relating to Scotland.

Applications must be made on the downloadable forms, or on hard copy available from the Society.

The closing date for all applications, including the referee's reports, is 30th November.  The Research Committee meets in the following February and applicants will be notified of the result of their application in March, after ratification by Council.

Late applications cannot be considered.

Regulations in connection with these Grants are given on the application form and available here, candidates must ensure they comply with these.

Application for Research Grant 2015 (303KB DOC)

Application for Research Grant 2015 (115KB PDF)

Notes and Regulations (373KB DOC)
Notes and Regulations (85KB PDF)

The Regional Fund: Buchan Lectures

The Society is able to offer grants to local archaeological, antiquarian, or similar societies to help fund a lecture, symposium or conference.  Awards are recommended and approved by Council.  A lecture supported by this fund is known as a Buchan Lecture after the founder of the Society, and the fund aims to support lectures in those parts of Scotland that are not currently served by the Society's meetings.

The Society expects that, where possible, the local society will work with other interested groups such as neighbouring societies, local civic trusts etc., to organise the meeting.

The Society is able to offer a fee of £75.00 for the lecturer (paid directly by the Society); the lecturer's travelling expenses and relevant accommodation costs (paid by the organisers and claimed from the Society).  In some cases a small amount of further help may be possible for modest hospitality, hire of venue etc. but the maximum awarded for a Buchan Lecture, including the lecturer's fee, will not exceed £300.

Society Awards

Other Awards and Prizes are available towards specific areas or methods of research, and for publications.

The Gunning Jubilee Gift

The Gift was instituted by Dr Gunning in 1887, and it is awarded in line with the resources available to the fund in any one year, "to help experts to visit museums, collections, or materials of archaeological science, at home or abroad for the purposes of special investigation and research".  The Gift is open to non-Fellows and applies to Scottish-related special investigation and research topics.

The Chalmers-Jervise Prize

A prize of £500 is offered biennially for the best essay, illustrated where necessary, on any subject relating to the archaeology or history of Scotland before AD1100.  The prize is open to non-Fellows.

Young Fellows Bursaries

Bursaries, awarded on the recommendation of the Research Committee, are available to enable young Fellows of the Society (under 25 years old at 30 November of year of application) to read papers on Scottish themes at conferences of international standing within Britain or abroad.  Individual bursaries do not normally exceed a maximum of £300, are awarded competitively and are dependent on the funds available.

Application for a Young Fellows Bursary

RBK Stevenson Award

This award of £50 is offered annually in recognition of an article published in the Proceedings on a topic that best reflects the scholarship and high standards of this distinguished individual, who was for many years the Keeper of the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland and was President of the Society between 1975 and 1978.

Dorothy Marshall Medal

The medal commemorates Miss Dorothy Marshall who in her own long lifetime contributed so much to Scottish archaeology and especially in the area of her beloved Island of Bute and marks the Society's gratitude for the bequest to the Society following her death in 1992.  It is awarded every three years to an individual who, in a voluntary capacity, has made an outstanding contribution to Scottish archaeological or related work.  Please contact the Director with any proposals for this award. The next award will be at the Anniversary Meeting in 2016.

The Murray Prize for History

Funded through a generous donation from our Fellow Dr Peter Murray, £200 and a medal will be awarded biennially to recognise original research published by the Society into the history of Scotland in the medieval and/or early modern periods (cAD500 to AD1700), set within a British and/or European context. History shall be defined as encompassing all branches, including art history, but shall exclude archaeology for which there is already Society provision. Submissions for the prize, to be considered for publication in volume 144 of the Proceedings (to be published in November 2015), will require to be with the Managing Editor by 1 November 2014, and we will present the first prize at the 2015 Anniversary Meeting. Submissions from non-Fellows are welcome. Further information on submitting papers for publication can be found here, and additional information can be requested from the Managing Editor.


Projects that have recently benefited from the support of the Society.

Research Trip to Tamil Nadu Archives, Chennai

19 Jun 2013

Ms Joanna Frew from the University of Essex was awarded a grant from the Gunning Jubilee Gift to locate the original correspondence of the East India Company's Baramahal Collectors between 1792 and 1799

Culdee Archaeology Project 2011-12: Dunkeld Cathedral

22 Mar 2013

The Society’s Research Grant helped to support geophysical survey at Dunkeld Cathedral.

The Galloway Picts Project

05 Feb 2013

The Society grant aided the detailed laser scanning of the inscribed stone with Pictish symbols at the entrance to this site.