Chalmers Jervise Award

Offered biennially for the best essay on any subject relating to the archaeology or history of Scotland before AD 1100

George Chalmers

A prize of £500 for the best essay, illustrated where necessary, on any subject relating to the archaeology or history of Scotland before AD 1100. Submissions from Fellows and non-Fellows are welcome.

The Prize was initiated through a bequest from Andrew Jervise in 1878.


Submissions for the Award are made to the Managing Editor and submitted as a paper for publication.  The papers will be judged by a panel appointed by the Managing Editor prior to consideration for publication in the Proceedings.  All submissions must be clearly identified as a submission for the Chalmers Jervise Award.

Further information on submitting papers for publication to the Society can be found elsewhere on this website, and additional information can be requested from the Managing Editor.

All submissions to this award will be considered for publication whether or not they are winners.


The annual deadline for submission to the Proceedings is 30 November.  Please note that early submission is strongly encouraged, as we always receive more submissions than we can publish in a given year.  Authors will be informed of the results of their peer review as soon as possible, and the contents of the current year’s volume will be set by 15 March (so authors who have submitted prior to 30 November will know by the following March whether their paper will be published in the current volume).  Winners of the Chalmers Jervise Award will be informed after this date.

Application Form

There is no specific application form for this Award, the submission process is the same as other article submissions.

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