Dr Euan MacKie Legacy Fund

To provide for scientific analyses relating to Neolithic or Iron Age Scotland

Dr Euan MacKie

Dr Euan MacKie

Reflecting Dr Euan MacKie‘s interests in Scottish archaeology this fund will provide for scientific analyses, including radiocarbon dates, relating to Neolithic or Iron Age Scotland with a particular emphasis on brochs, duns, vitrified forts and stone circles.

A maximum of £2,968 is currently available.

All analyses will be undertaken at the SUERC (Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre), who will work with successful applicants to ensure the best results possible. In addition to radiocarbon dating, other analyses include Stable Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur isotopes in bone collagen for palaeodietary studies, Strontium isotopes (87Sr/86Sr) in tooth enamel for geographic provenance, and Oxygen isotopes in tooth enamel for geographic provenance.

Applications should be made on the form available below, with the next deadline for applications being 30 April 2024. Grants are made on the recommendation of the Grants and Awards Committee.

NB: With many thanks to the family of Dr Euan MacKie, who are making this very welcome grant fund available.  They welcome any further contributions to increase the size of grant available each year. If you are interested in contributing please contact Andrea Kaszewski, the Fellowship and Development Manager of the Society (andrea@socantscot.org).

An obituary for Dr MacKie is available here.


Detailed Guidance is available – please ensure you read these thoroughly before applying for a grant.

Scientific analyses will be conducted by the SUERC and the current costs of analysis can be found here.

Grant applications should be addressed to the Dr Helen Spencer (grants@socantscot.org) and arrive by email on or before 30 April 2024.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that supporting referees are agreeable to their nomination and able to respond to enquiries from the Society, and that the form is completed correctly.

A decision on funding will be taken as soon as possible after the deadline depending on the number of applications. Applicants can therefore expect to hear whether or not they have been successful within 2 months of the application deadline.

Further deadlines regarding the use of grant money and reporting can be found in the guidelines.

Application Form

Download the Guidance (PDF) and Application Form (Word doc)

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