Sir George MacDonald Grant

To support research that might throw light upon the Roman occupation of Scotland

This grant fund will support archaeological or historical research that might throw light upon the Roman occupation of Scotland.

Inaugurated through a bequest from Sir George MacDonald in May 1939 this grant is made on the recommendation of the Grants and Awards Committee and the approval of the Society’s Council.


The Sir George MacDonald Grant is awarded as a general Grant that meets this specific remit.  Detailed Grant Guidance should be read thoroughly before applying for a Grant.


Grant applications should be addressed to the Director and arrive in the Society offices on or before the 30 November each year.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that supporting referees are aware of their nomination and able to respond to enquiries from the Society.

The Grants and Awards Committee usually meets by March and their recommendations are considered by Council by end of April, applicants can therefore expect to hear whether they have been successful or not by either late April or May each year.

Further deadlines regarding the use of grant money and reporting can be found in the guidelines.

Application Form

Download Grant Application From Here (Word doc)

Download Grant Guidance Here (PDF)

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