Grants & Awards

Angus Graham Grant

To assist with the preparation of additional data and the presentation of material for publication by the Society

To support research and in particular to assist in exceptional circumstances with the preparation of additional data and the presentation of material for publication in any of the Society’s publication platforms/vehicles.

Inaugurated through a bequest made in July 1980 to which further funds were subsequently added in 1983 by Vera Collingwood in memory of her uncle Angus Graham to support publication in the Proceedings.  Council Trustees agreed in 2018 to expand the remit of the grant to include any of the Society’s publications.


The Angus Graham Grant is awarded as a general Grant or Young or Student Fellows Grant that meets this specific remit.  Detailed Grant Guidelines are available please ensure you read these thoroughly before applying.

Any award is made on the recommendation of the Grants and Awards Committee and the approval of the Society’s Council.


There are now two deadlines for grant applications which are the 30 April and 30 November each year. The process to award Grants now has a quicker turnaround for decisions to be made and communicated.

For applications received by the 30 November, applicants can expect to hear whether they have been successful or not by the end of the following January. For applications submitted by the 30 April, decisions will be communicated by the end of June.

Grant applications should be addressed to Dr Helen Spencer, ScARF Project Manager and arrive in the Society offices on or before the biannual deadlines. Applications can be sent by email to It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that supporting referees are agreeable to their nomination and able to respond to enquiries from the Society.

Further deadlines regarding the use of grant money and reporting can be found in the guidelines.

Application Form

Download Grant Application Form (Word doc)

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