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We are very pleased that you wish to become a Fellow.

To be eligible for election you will need two current Fellows to confirm your commitment to the study and understanding of Scotland’s past.

If you do not know any Fellows please contact and we will do our best to assist.

(In some instances, we may accept references from a person who, although not a Fellow. is in a position to know and appreciate, your interest in history and archaeology, provided that they tell us something about themselves and their experience. You are responsible for contacting referees to ensure that they are happy to support your application. The Society will contact referees on receipt of your application to confirm their support.)

Please make sure you have completed the form, and, if your referees are Non Fellows, please make sure you upload the required letters of support in the References Section below.

If for some reason your online application fails to send then please complete the pdf version of the application form and email it to

Your application will be treated in confidence and, if accepted, offered for election by the Fellowship in either the late April or late November.

Closing dates for application submissions being two months prior to election.

  • 28th of February is the closing date for applications to be considered in the late April election
  • 30th of September is the closing date for applications to be considered in the late November election

Please note that by becoming a Fellow you are agreeing to the Society’s data protection policy.



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