Carpow in Context

A Late Bronze Age Log Boat from the Tay


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by David Strachan

The subject of this publication, the Late Bronze Age Carpow logboat, is not only one of the oldest boats from Scotland, but also one of the best preserved prehistoric logbaots from the British Isles. That it is one of only a handful of such vessels to be excavated and recovered using the latest techniques of archaeology and conservation secures its immense importance to logboat studies. The challenging excavation and ingenious recovery of the Carpow logboat from the waters of the Tay Estuary required an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach with archaeologist, palaeo-environmentalists, conservationists and marine salvage divers working together. This volume presents a comprehensive account of the project.

David Strachan is Director of the Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and has worked in both local and national government archaeology in Wales, England and Scotland for over twenty years.

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland gratefully acknowledges funding towards the publication of this volume from Historic Scotland and the Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust.

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July 2010


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    This handsome volume is a great advertisement for Scottish archaeology in general and the Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust in particular. The Trust’s Manager has assembled an impressive cast of contributors to record the discovery, excavation, recovery and conservation of a logboat reported in 2001.

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