Winds of Change

The Living Landscapes of Hirta, St Kilda


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by Jill Harden & Olivia Lelong

With stunning scenery, huge seabird colonies and the visible, abandoned remains of past lives, St. Kilda is a place that draws many island travellers. The histories and myths associated with the archipelago have added intrigue to this remote part of the Western Isles. Many have concentrated on differences rather than similarities in the lifestyles of St Kildans compared to other island communities, whether in recent, historic or prehistoric times. This volume, which interprets archaeological research undertaken on the main island, Hirta, over the past twenty years, provides another view. Much still survives to be read in the landscape of pre-improvement, medieval and prehistoric settlement, and this encourages a fresh, integrated focus for island studies.

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland gratefully acknowledges funding towards the publication of this volume from the National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland.

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June 2011


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    This is a beautifully presented volume which, in many ways, can be regarded as a landmark in archaeological publication. It is notable for the quality of the finished product, with the copious colourful illustrations set within a coherent narrative structure which is not unduly encumbered by the weight of the data.

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