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Available now: PSAS 152

30th November 2023 | Categories: Publications

The Society is pleased to announce that Volume 152 of the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland is now available online, with fifteen articles on topics such as small socketed axeheadsmedieval crusadingScottish diasporasurgical instrument makers and ancient Egyptian Treasure Trove artefacts:  

Please see the Table of Contents for this year’s Proceedings below and follow the links to read the articles.

The full backlist of issues can be explored via our journal website: All papers are free to view after the initial two-year embargo period, while the most recent two years are available only to Society Fellows.

Front matter: PSAS 152


Obituary: Professor Johannes Diderik van der Waals HonFSAScot

Harry Fokkens


Excavation and survey at the Giant’s Grave, Slochd Measach, Nereabolls, a Neolithic chambered cairn on the Isle of Islay, Argyll & Bute: chronology, architecture, reuse and demise

Darko Maričević FSAScot and Steven Mithen FSAScot


Small socketed axeheads from northern Britain: some finds ‘of more than ordinary interest’

Ella B Paul FSAScot, Matthew G Knight FSAScot and Trevor G Cowie FSAScot


The production of a glass toggle: Iron Age craft specialisation along Scotland’s western seaboard

Martina Bertini, Clare Ellis FSAScot and Dan Sykes


A drive around Pictland: wheeled transport on Pictish carved stones

Catriona McArdle and Duncan McArdle FSAScot


Asking for forgiveness as an aspect of crusade: case studies from 13th-century Scotland

Gordon M Reynolds


‘Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations’: chapel-sites in the Isle of Lewis

Rachel C Barrowman FSAScot


Strome, the castle of Loch Carron: role and history

James Scott Petre FSAScot


The Cummings of Altyre and the search for an ancient genealogy, part 2: ‘Truth has here lain in the bottom of a well’

John Cleary FSAScot


The origin of the Portuguese Drummonds: a Scotsman in late medieval Madeira?

Jonathan J F Sykes


William Bruce’s Hopetoun House and the arrival of Serlio’s unpublished ‘Sixth Book on Dwellings’ in Britain, c 1700

Ian Campbell FSAScot


A comparison of ligatures on gravestones in Scotland, Northern Germany and the French Basque region

George Thomson FSAScot


The Preacher Stone in the Bathgate Hills

Alastair Small FSAScot and Carola Small FSAScot


Survey and excavations investigating shieling and other upland practices in Gleann Leac-na-Muidhe, Glencoe

Edward Stewart FSAScot


The origins and development of a Scottish surgical instrument maker: the family firm of Archibald Young from 1771 until 1886

Ruth Pollitt


A curious account of ancient Egyptian Treasure Trove in Scotland

Elizabeth Goring and Margaret Maitland FSAScot


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