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Just published: SAIR 105

14th December 2023 | Categories: Publications

The Society is pleased to announce the publication of a new Scottish Archaeological Internet Report, available now via the SAIR website.

SAIR 105: Hume Village and Castle: the setting of a late medieval stronghold and post medieval folly in the Scottish Borders

by Ian Hill and Michelle Gamble

with contributions from Derek Hall, George Haggarty, K Robin Murdoch, Fraser Hunter, Calum Robertson, Carl E Savage, Jennifer Thoms, Iain Pringle and Leilani Lucas

Click here to view the publication:


A three-year community archaeology project was completed on behalf of the Hume Castle Preservation Trust at the village of Hume in the Scottish Borders. The project engaged with over 300 members of the public, providing training and volunteering opportunities in a suite of archaeological skills. The project work focused on Hume Village and its surrounding landscape; in particular Hume Castle and the remains of the former medieval village immediately surrounding it, and the associated kirkyard which housed the former Hume Parish Church. Extensive survey work was completed in the kirkyard and adjacent Glebe, in the grounds of Hume Castle, and at the castle itself. Excavations were completed in the castle grounds, the Glebe, and in the garden of West End Cottage in Hume Village. The results of the survey and excavation works portray the changing settlement pattern and use of land in the village area, particularly highlighting occupation and use of the former buildings surrounding the castle up to 200 years after its destruction. A similar pattern was found in the kirkyard, with continual use of the cemetery over 300 years after the abandonment, and probable destruction, of the former kirk. The results indicate that despite the destruction of its castle and kirk, the village of Hume has persevered, maintaining an important sense of place and memory in the landscape.

The Society gratefully acknowledges funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Fallago Environment Fund towards the publication of this paper.


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