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Just published: SAIR 96!

18th August 2021 | Categories: Publications

The Society is pleased to announce the publication of a new Scottish Archaeological Internet Report, available now via the SAIR website.

The most recent paper reports on excavations in 2001 at East Barns, East Lothian. The Society gratefully acknowledges the funding of AOC Archaeology Group towards the publication of this paper.

To read the abstract and access the paper, please see the details below:

SAIR 96: ‘A home by the sea’: The excavation of a robust Mesolithic house of the late 9th millennium BC at East Barns, East Lothian

by Rob Engl and John Gooder with contributions from Clare Ellis, Randolph Donahue and Adrian Evans.


In 2001 excavation works undertaken in advance of quarrying at East Barns, East Lothian, revealed the substantial remains of a robust Mesolithic house structure, securely dated to the late 9th millennium BC. The house was situated within a large, natural hollow whose gradual infilling had effectively sealed the archaeological deposits. The house consisted of a sub-circular sunken floor with the remains of a westfacing entrance and two concentric angled post rings, suggesting episodes of replacement if not actual rebuilding. The remains of interior furniture were also recorded in the form of post holes, a platform, and three probable hearth features. A charred deposit of occupation debris rich in lithics sealed many of the structural features around the internal perimeter of the house. The distribution of this deposit appeared to reflect informal refuse toss/drop zones formed during the occupation of the structure and suggests some form of internal spatial organisation.

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