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New open access e-book: Scottish Girls’ Samplers

11th March 2022 | Categories: Publications

The Society is pleased to announce the release of this title as an open access e-book, now available through the Open Access E-Books platform.

‘Remember Now Thy Creator’: Scottish Girls’ Samplers, 1700–1872

by Naomi E A Tarrant

Click here to access the e-book:

Embroidered samplers show the one aspect of girls’ education that leaves the most lasting and tangible memorial of that part of their lives. This book considers samplers made in Scotland; it aims to situate them within the social context of the period and to examine their role in the education of girls. The time span covers the first emergence of a specific Scottish style and ends with the introduction of the 1872 Education (Scotland) Act, which made schooling a local government responsibility and led eventually to downplaying the importance of sampler making. Girls in Scotland made samplers within a general British tradition, but some designs appear to have developed that are specifically Scottish, such as the use of red and green alphabets.

Praise for the book:

‘This is a very important volume for helping our understanding of the history behind these labours of love that some of us are privileged to own.’

– Barbara Crawford (The Antiquaries Journal)

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