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New open access e-book: The Traprain Law Environs Project

26th May 2023 | Categories: Publications

The Society is pleased to announce the release of this title as an open access e-book, now available through the Open Access E-Books platform.

The Traprain Law Environs Project: Fieldwork and Excavations 2000–2004

by Colin Haselgrove

Click here to access the e-book:

This volume presents the results of fieldwork on the East Lothian coastal plain in south-east Scotland investigating the nature later prehistoric settlement around the hillfort of Traprain Law. Following geomagnetic surveys at thirty sites, six enclosures were excavated, three extensively. All six had complex occupation histories, involving multiple acts of enclosure, as well as phases of open settlement and use for other purposes such as burial. Their combined chronological span extends from the fourth millennium BC to the dawn of the Early Historic period.

Praise for the book:

‘This collaborative programme of research represents an exemplary landmark, and all involved deserve support and congratulation.’

– Dennis W Harding (Antiquity)

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