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“The Power of Archives” by Caroline Brown

Categories: Lectures / Events, Videos

Caroline Brown illustrates how archives are a gateway to the past, open to anyone, they help us connect with and understand our histories and shape our knowledge of who we are.


“Comfort and Convenience in the Country House” by Marilyn Palmer

Categories: Lectures / Events, Videos

Professor Marliyn Palmer MBE looks at ways in which elements of comfort and convenience were introduced into Victorian and Edwardian country houses.


Rhind Lectures 2020 – Neolithic Scotland: the Big Picture and Detailed Narratives in 2020

Categories: Lectures / Events, Research & Projects, Videos

Dr Alison Sheridan presents an in-depth assessment of the current state of our knowledge about the period c.4000-2500 BC, and the fundamental changes that resulted from the appearance of farming in Scotland.


‘In search of a national identity – Scotland’s material culture’ by Dr David Caldwell

Categories: Lectures / Events, Videos

Dr David Caldwell presents his Presidential Lecture on the material culture of Scotland and the creation of national identity.


Darkness Visible: The Sculptor’s Cave, Covesea, from the Bronze Age to the Picts

Categories: Lectures / Events, Videos

Dr Lindsey Büster FSAScot investigate The Sculptor’s Cave, Covesea, one of the most enigmatic prehistoric sites in Britain.


“Fragments of the Bronze Age” by Dr Matt Knight

Categories: Lectures / Events, Research & Projects, Videos

Dr Matt Knight discusses his research into the remains of Bronze Age objects, often recovered and interpreted as hoards.


“Glasgow Potteries and the British Empire” by Graeme Cruickshank

Categories: Lectures / Events, Research & Projects, Videos

Graeme Cruickshank illuminates the far flung reach of Scottish potteries in the early modern period.


“David Ramsay, the King’s Chief Clockmaker” by Dr Tacye Phillipson and Dr John C. Taylor

Categories: Lectures / Events, Videos

Drs Tacye Phillipson and John C Taylor provide a fascinating insight into clockmaking and the mastery of a precise craft in a Royal court.


““Here is ane Koull of Tullilum” Excavations at Whitefriars, Perth 2014-2018” by Derek Hall

Categories: Lectures / Events, Videos

Derek Hall presents fascinating insights into the development of an important Christian site in the medieval period.


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