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Society Council Report on the Strategic Plan 2022-2027 consultation

Categories: Consultation Responses, Policies

Council put the draft Strategic Plan 2022 to 2027 out for consultation on 5 November 2021, with a deadline of 31 January 2022 for responses.  Fellows were encouraged to return responses digitally; the draft and an online questionnaire included specific questions the Council were particularly interested in, but it was emphasised that these were to stimulate thoughts, and there was plenty of opportunity for open-ended answers or different responses through the survey-monkey online consultation or otherwise.

Council present here a statement on responses made by Fellows and also summarises and provides the full anonymous responses to the Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

The Strategic Plan was revised as a result of the consultation and the final version implemented from the 1st June 2022, and available here.

Trustees' Report on the consultation responses to the draft Strategic Plan 2022-2027 ▼

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