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New Open Access E-book – Bearsden: A Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall

1st June 2020 | Categories: Publications

The Society is pleased to announce the release of its publication Bearsden: A Fort on the Antonine Wall as an open access e-book, now available through our digital books platform.

To download and read the book, please click the link below:

Bearsden: A Fort on the Antonine Wall

by David J Breeze.

The demolition of Victorian villas in the 1970s led to an excavation of a Roman fort at Bearsden, near Glasgow, on the Antonine Wall, and the discovery of a Roman bath-house and latrine.

The bath-house is the tip of an archaeological iceberg. Over ten seasons a substantial portion of the Roman fort was examined and its history traced. Of particular importance was the discovery of sewage from the latrine which provided intimate details about the life of the soldiers at Bearsden, including their diet and hygiene.

The excavations were led by the principal author of this report, Professor David Breeze, formerly Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Scotland. Over thirty-five specialists have contributed.

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