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“David Ramsay, the King’s Chief Clockmaker” by Dr Tacye Phillipson and Dr John C. Taylor

Drs Tacye Phillipson and John C Taylor provide a fascinating insight into clockmaking and the mastery of a precise craft in a Royal court.

This lecture is presented by Dr Tacye Phillipson (National Museums Scotland) and Dr John C. Taylor OBE (horologist and inventor), and delivered in conjunction with the National Museums Scotland. Dr Phillipson provides an overview of the variety and development of clockwork during the 17th century. Dr Taylor uncovers the innovation of Scottish watchmaker, David Ramsay (c1585-1660), Chief Clockmaker to King James I and first master of the Worshipful Clockmakers Company London (1632).

Our warm thanks to James Ritchie Clockmakers for proudly sponsoring the event.

James Ritchie Clockmakers commenced business in 1809 where they developed as leading clock and watchmakers in Edinburgh, famously pioneering electrical horology and collaborating with astronomer royal Charles Piazzi Smyth in creating the mechanisms for the one o’clock gun and time ball on Calton Hill. Today they act as specialists in the restoration, conservation and repair of antique clocks.

This lecture was recorded 13 January 2020 by Mallard Productions Ltd.

The recording is made possible by grateful funding from Sir Angus Grossart QC OBE DL LLD DLitt FRSE FSAScot