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“Heritage safeguarding in twentieth century Norway: ideologies, conflicts, practices” by Kristin B Aavitsland

Lindsay-Fischer Lecture by Dr Kristin B Aavitsland, University of Oslo, on heritage management in Norway.

Lindsay-Fischer Lecture presented by Dr Kristin B Aavitsland, University of Oslo, with the support of the Strathmartine Trust, on heritage management in Norway, with particular focus on Harry Fett. Joint with the Fortidsminneforeningen. This lecture replaced one by Prof Erla Hohler at late notice due to ill health.

The Lindsay-Fischer lectureship was founded in 1980 in honour of Ian Gordon Lindsay (1906-66) and his friend Gerhard Fischer (1890-1977), both for their work on the historic architecture of Scotland and Norway respectively and for their achievement in promoting cordial relations between Scottish and Norwegian Scholars.

The Lindsay-Fischer Lecture is given in Edinburgh and Aberdeen by a Scandinavian scholar (and now Kirkwall in Orkney since 2008 – supported by the Strathmartine Trust) and the Fischer-Lindsay Lecture is given in Oslo and elsewhere (as agreed) by a Scottish scholar.

Recorded in the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 10 June 2013.