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Dig It! Reveals Annual List of Amazing Archaeological Discoveries

13th December 2023 | Categories: Uncategorised

Dig It!, a hub for Scottish archaeology coordinated by the Society, has compiled their annual list of some of the biggest discoveries from the year to raise awareness of the archaeological work that takes place across the country.

A possible Neolithic “hall”, a Bronze Age ritual cremation cemetery, and an “elite” Iron Age hillfort are among the most ground-breaking finds.

Many Fellows feature in the list, including Dr Val Turner FSAScot, Shetland’s regional archaeologist, Dr Murray Cook FSAScot of Rampart Scotland, and Dr Sarah Jane Gibbon FSAScot of UHI Archaeology Institute.

To read the article in its entirety, visit the Dig It! website.

Aerial photo of an excavated farm site with the remains of stones walls visible

Evidence of medieval German merchants in Orkney is just one of 2023’s top archaeological discoveries according to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’s Dig It! project (Image Credit: Bobby Friel)

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