Grants & Awards

Chalmers-Jervise Prize

Awarded biennially for the best paper on any subject in the prehistory or archaeology of Scotland before AD 1100

A cash prize of £500 is offered for the best paper published by the Society to cover any subject relating to the prehistory or archaeology of Scotland before AD 1100.

The prize is funded through a bequest from Mr Andrew Jervise (died 1878). It was first awarded in 1911 to Elizabeth Stout (died 1973), a Corresponding Member of the Society from Shetland, for her survey of brochs and standing stones.


Submission for the prize is made to the Managing Editor at as a paper for publication in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (PSAS). Following successful peer review, the paper is judged by an independent panel of specialists for the prize.

All submissions are considered for publication by the Society whether or not they are winners.


PhD students, early career researchers, academics, independent researchers, both Fellows and non-Fellows of the Society are all welcome to participate.


The deadline for submissions in this cycle is 30 November 2024. Winners will be announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting the following November.


PSAS is a peer-reviewed academic journal published annually by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland since 1851. Visit the journal website for further information:


Previous winners

2021 Tobias Mörtz, Matthew G Knight, Trevor Cowie and Jane Flint Peelhill Farm: a possible Late Bronze Age weapon sacrifice in Lanarkshire (PSAS 150)

2000 Ian Armit The abandonment of souterrains: evolution, catastrophe or dislocation? (PSAS 129)

1997 Kenneth Veitch The Columban church in northern Britain, 664–717: a re-assessment (PSAS 127)

1992 Ian Smith Sprouston, Roxburghshire: an early Anglian centre of the eastern Tweed Basin (PSAS 121)

1988 Patrick Topping Typology and chronology in the later prehistoric pottery assemblages of the Western Isles (PSAS 117)

1985 Lesley Macinnes Brochs and the Roman occupation of lowland Scotland (PSAS 114)

1975 James Graham-Campbell The Viking-age silver and gold hoards of Scandinavian character from Scotland (PSAS 107)

1965 Iain Walker The counties of Nairnshire, Moray and Banffshire in the Bronze Age, part 1 (PSAS 98)

1964 Euan MacKie A Dwelling Site of the Earlier Iron Age at Balevullin, Tiree, excavated in 1912 by A Henderson Bishop (PSAS 96)

1959 John Coles Scottish Swan’s-Neck Sunflower Pins (PSAS 92)

1933 Robert Kinghorn Unrecorded Berwickshire antiquities (PSAS 69)

1931 J D Lyford-Pike The cup-marked stones of North Uist and Benbecula (PSAS 75)

1930 W W T Hannah The Romanno terraces: their origin and purpose (PSAS 65)

1929 Duncan Colville Notes on the standing stones of Kintyre (PSAS 64)

1923 R R Boog Watson The Deuchny Hill Fort (PSAS 57)

1911 Elizabeth Stout Some Shetland brochs and standing stones (PSAS 46)