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Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll (RARFA) launched!

The ScARF team are pleased to announce that the Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll (RARFA) is now live!

Screenshot of RARFA front page

The RARFA front page

Just over two years ago, in November 2015, Kilmartin Museum organised a two day symposium to bring together all those researching the archaeology and history of Argyll. The symposium brought together a wide range of expert speakers from the world of archaeology, who each gave presentations on their own views as well as on recent wider work being carried out on the rich past of Argyll.

It was later decided to use the papers presented at the event to form the basis of a regional research framework for the area (the RARFA covers the current administrative area known as Argyll and Bute). The resultant online resource is now available through the ScARF website.

There are six period based chapters of the RARFA, covering from earliest prehistory to the present. Each of these contain a set of recommendations for future work and questions that are waiting to be answered. As with all research frameworks, the RARFA is designed to be added to over time and we encourage readers to take forward some of the ideas it contains – don’t forget to let us know the results!

The RARFA also contains an environmental history of Argyll and Bute and a number of case studies that provide a more detailed look at certain aspects of the region.

As well as being a useful resource for anyone interested in the archaeology of the area, the RARFA will help to deliver the strategic objectives set out in the Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy Delivery Plan, in particular Strategic Objectives 2.2.2 (review frameworks, their gaps in coverage of methods and theory) and 2.2.3 (support local/regional and thematic research frameworks).and provide many ideas for future work in the region.

Many thanks to all those involved in creating this resource. With over 153 people contributing in some way, there are too many people to thank here individually but the full list of contributors can be found online. The work was funded by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland with support from Argyll and Bute council and Kilmartin Museum.

Visit to read more and get in touch with us at with any comments or questions.

ScARF 2017 Simpson, B and Webb, S (eds) RARFA: A Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll; Scottish Archaeological Research Framework: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

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