News  |  Posted July 1, 2019

Fellowship Direct Debit payments

This is a message for all those Fellows currently paying their subscription by Direct Debit.  You will have received a letter last week notifying you that this would be collected on or just after 1st July. However, we have just recently moved to a new financial and database package and unfortunately for technical reasons we find that we will be unable to collect the payment this week.

Your subscription will be collected before the end of July and, in compliance with the terms of the DD mandate, we will contact you at least three days before this payment is taken.

Please note that you do not have to take any action and the payment will still be collected automatically by the Society. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope this does not cause you any trouble.

If you wish to change your bank details a Direct Debit mandate can be downloaded here: directdebit12

Yours sincerely

Simon Gilmour
Director of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland