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A Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall

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by David J Breeze

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The demolition of Victorian villas in the 1970s led to the excavation of the Roman fort at Bearsden, near Glasgow, on the Antonine Wall, and the discovery of a Roman bath-house and latrine. The bath-house is the tip of an archaeological iceberg. Over ten seasons a substantial portion of the Roman fort was examined and its history traced. Of particular importance was the discovery of sewage from the latrine which provided intimate details about the life of the soldiers at Bearsden, including their diet and hygiene. Over thirty-five specialists have contributed to this extensive study.

Professor David Breeze is an honorary professor at the universities of Durham, Edinburgh and Newcastle, and was formerly Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Scotland.

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25 May 2016


David J. Breeze


Lindsay Allason-Jones; Donald Bailey; Mike Baillie; Iain Banks; Paul Bidwell; Sjoerd Bohncke; Susan Chalmers; G H Collins; Anne Crone; Alex Croom; Brenda Dickinson; Camilla Dickson; James H Dickson; Andrew Fitzpatrick; Dennis Gallagher; Geoff Gaunt; Rikke D Giles; Mark Gillings; Katharine Hartley; Martin Henig; Andrew Jones; Lawrence Keppie; John Locke; Euan MacKie; Frances McLaren; Ian Máté; Jef Maytom; Michael J Moore; G C Morgan; Jennifer Price; Sian Rees; Anne S Robertson; Jackaline Robertson; Adam T Welfare; David F Williams;

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Roman archaeology


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    This is what we should all be aiming for in terms of sheer quality, impact and readability.

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    Bearsden is a splendid and comprehensive publication that has greatly benefited from recent developments in analytical techniques, particularly in relation to bioarchaeological remains and artefactual evidence.

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    Overall, the volume is well-organised, copiously illustrated, much in colour, with ample cogent discussion, consistent with the high standard we have come to expect from the Scottish Society of Antiquaries, and forms an important addition to the corpus of published work on the Antonine Wall.

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    David Breeze has now brought this project to completion with aplomb. The result is beautifully produced and thorough – now a rarity in excavation reports.

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    Breeze and his fellow authors are to be congratulated on a volume that… makes a significant contribution to our understanding of Roman Scotland.

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    A handsome, lavishly illustrated and very reasonably priced volume.

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    A well-illustrated and modestly priced volume. Anyone interested in Roman forts and military life should digest the findings of this report.

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