Darkness Visible

The Sculptor’s Cave, Covesea, from the Bronze Age to the Picts


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by Ian Armit & Lindsey Büster

Winner of the
Saltire Society Scottish Research Book
of the Year 2021

This book is available as an open access e-book.

The Sculptor’s Cave is one of the most enigmatic prehistoric sites in Britain. Excavated in the 1920s and 1970s, new analysis of the archive has revealed a complex history of funerary and ritual activity from the Late Bronze Age to the Roman Iron Age. Using innovative methods and new techniques, this volume re-examines the results of earlier excavations and places the site in its wider British and European context.

Professor Ian Armit is Chair in Archaeology at the University of York. His research centres on the social archaeology of Iron Age Europe and the nature of conflict and violence in prehistory.

Dr Lindsey Büster is a Research Associate at the University of York. Her research concerns ritual in later prehistoric Britain and Europe, with particular focus on the archaeology of death and burial.

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Watch the lecture given by Dr Lindsey Büster to find out more about the excavation of Sculptor’s Cave.

The authors and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland gratefully acknowledge funding towards the publication of this volume from Historic Environment Scotland. hes-logo-stacked-1

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September 2020


Ian Armit & Lindsey Büster


Torben Bjarke Ballin, Katharina Becker, Julie Boreham, Alan Braby, Trevor Cowie, Gemma Cruickshanks, Mary Davis, Adrian Evans, Mark Hall, Derek Hamilton, Nick Holmes, Fraser Hunter, Dominic Ingermark, Rachael Kershaw, Christopher Knüsel, Jo McKenzie, Sam Moorhead, Clare Rainsford, Daniel Sahlén, Rick Schulting, Daniel Shaw, Alison Sheridan, Tom Sparrow, Michael Stratigos, John Summers, Jim Tate, Lore Troalen, Colin Wallace, and Andrew S Wilson

Subject fields

cave archaeology; bioarchaeology; anthropology; early medieval studies (Picts); Scottish history


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    Armit and Büster’s handsomely produced volume transports us back in time to both the late Bronze Age and Roman Iron Age, revealing exciting new evidence for the treatment of the dead in both periods.

    Full review:

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    The text is complemented by excellent photographs, informative charts. Darkness Visible is a valuable guide to a remarkable cave.

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