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There are many ways you can help the Society thrive – by actively recruiting new members, championing the work of the Society with colleagues or promoting Society events and grant awards with your contacts.

Fellow Peter Thierfeldt opened his beautiful garden to help support a Dig It! 2015 project. As well as raising funds, the event helped highlight the work of the Society to a new audience.

In 2014 Fellow James Donaldson organised a meeting and dinner to bring Australian Fellows together. The event was enjoyed by all and now the plan is to meet annually thanks to James’s efforts.

Society President Dr David Caldwell enjoys the company of Australian Fellows

Society President Dr David Caldwell enjoys the company of Australian Fellows

In 2015, Fellow Adam Cumming volunteered with the Dig It! team to help develop Lifelong Learning material. Starting with Middle Ages in Aberdeenshire, Adam helped create a linked programme of learning resources.

Fellow Adam Cumming volunteering with the Dig It! 2015 project manager Dr Jeff Sanders

Here Adam meets Dr Jeff Sanders Dig It! Project Manager.

For the past five years Fellow Dr James Donaldson has organised an annual Fellows’ Dinner in Melbourne Australia. Providing a great opportunity for Fellows in Australia to meet, share research and find out more about Scotland’s past.

Similarly, since 2016  Fellow Hope Vere Anderson has organised an annul Fellows’ Dinner in the USA. This takes place in October in Atlanta and is helping to bring Fellows together.


Please contact the Society or James and Hope directly if you would like more information and would like to attend the annual Fellows’ Dinners.

If you would like to share ideas or offer your support in different ways please contact the Society.

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