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Joint Event with Lyon & Turnbull

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In August the Society is joining forces once more with our friends at Lyon & Turnbull for a special preview of the Scottish Applied Arts sale. For the third year in a row, Fellows and guests will have the opportunity to hear from experts on Scottish craftsmanship before enjoying a private viewing of the Scottish Silver & Applied Arts auction.

In anticipation of this popular event, we have put together a special collection of books and articles to whet your appetite. A special discount will be available to attendees wishing to purchase the books listed.

Happy reading, and we look forward to seeing you on 8 August*!

From Goblets to Gaslights: The Scottish Glass Industry 1750-2006
Jill Turnbull 2017

Making for America: Transatlantic Craftsmanship, Scotland and the Americas in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Edited by Vanessa Habib, Jim Gray & Sheila Forbes 2013

Remember Now Thy Creator: Scottish Girls’ Samplers, 1700-1872
Naomi E A Tarrant 2014

Painting the Town: Scottish Urban History in Art
E Patricia Dennison, Stuart Edymann, Annie Lyell, Michael Lynch and Simon Stronach 2013

Late Roman Silver: The Traprain Treasure in Context
Fraser Hunter and Kenneth Painter 2013

The Locksmith Craft in Early Modern Edinburgh
A M Allen 2007


Lawson, G 2017 ‘Musical tuning peg from Edinburgh Castle and the stringing of medieval harps’, Proc Soc Antiq Scot 146: 167-80.

Hall, M A 2016 ‘Ecclesia Ludens: board and dice games in a Scottish monastic context’, Proc Soc Antiq Scot 145: 283-97.

Blackwell, A & Kirk, S 2016 ‘Seventh century or seventeenth century? Identifying glass beads from Scotland’, Proc Soc Antiq Scot 145: 371-99.

Haggarty, G, Hall, D & Jones, R 2012 ‘Sourcing Scottish medieval ceramics – the use and success of chemical analysis’, Proc Soc Antiq Scot 141: 249-67.

Engl, R 2017 ‘Where There’s Muck There’s Money: The Excavation of Medieval and Post-Medieval Middens and Associated Tenement at Advocate’s Close, Edinburgh’, Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 67.

Dalland, M 2017 ‘Discovering the King’s Wall: Excavations at 144-166 Cowgate, Edinburgh’, Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 69.

Franklin, J 2017 ‘The Development of Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, from the 11th to the 20th Centuries’, Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 71.

Jones, E, Sheridan, A & Franklin J 2018 ‘Neolithic and Bronze Age Occupation at Meadowend Farm, Clackmannanshire: Pots, Pits and Roundhouses’, Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 77.

*Booking is essential for this event. Please call Lyon & Turnbull on 0131 557 8844 to book a place.

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