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Today is World Heritage Day!

18th April 2019 | Categories: Publications, Research, Shop

Today is World Heritage Day!

World Heritage Day is celebrated on 18 April every year. Scotland is home to six UNESCO world heritage sites, from the frontier of the Antonine Wall to the cliffs of St Kilda.

Research on the six sites has appeared in the Proceedings, Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports and our monographs throughout the Society’s publication history. Visit our journals’ website to browse the backlist of the Proceedings and SAIR to explore research on these remarkable sites from the Society’s publications across the years.

For example, this paper from 1872 records the transcription of a letter sent by Anne Kennedy of St Kilda, in which the writer collects ‘some of the traditions of St Kilda’. Captain F W L Thomas, who presented the paper to the Society, thought that the letter would serve ‘as a guide to archaeologists as to what to observe in that remarkable group of islets’.


We’ve also discounted four of our books about four of Scotland’s World Heritage Sites, for one day only. Click on the links below to go to our shop and enjoy £10 off the RRP.

The Fortification of the Firth of Forth by Gordon J Barclay and Ron Morris
2019 | Hardback | 272 pp | £30.00 £20.00

The Antiquarian Rediscovery of the Antonine Wall by Lawrence Keppie
2012 | Hardback | 176 pp | £30.00 £20.00

Winds of Change: The Living Landscapes of Hirta, St Kilda by Jill Harden and Olivia Lelong
2011 | Hardback | 224 pp | £25.00 £15.00

Scotland’s Parliament Site and the Canongate by the Holyrood Archaeology Project Team
2008 | Hardcover | 320 pp | £20.00 £10.00

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